Rest In Pleasure At Your Home

Place where you stay is your home. A home knows you better than anybody else. One step inside home and a relief from all day work gives you the best feeling. At a day break if you find your home every time dirty and untidy you will no more feel like staying inside. It is not always true that a luxurious home only have the kind of coziness that you desire for. Even a neat and clean low budget home with a little care can be proved the best home. You need to provide yourself and your family a hygienic home with a little investment. Here is a guide for your Lowes home improvements.

Modify upon the old things

Most of the time an entire renovation is not possible for the family. It might cost you a large amount of money. You start thinking that it is an impossible job to mend your home and you step back. But if not an entire renovation a little alteration could make your home look elegant. For the garden chair for example which is almost broken you can plant some climbers and creepers to give it a new look. Color some bamboo stick and make an attractive fence round your garden to make it look trendy. Instead of some wooden chair you might arrange the folding steel chairs with attractive cushions at your garden. During rain you can quickly fold it and keep it aside. If your garden is at the terrace of your home you can put some colorful tiles on the floor. That will create a feel good impact.

Start with your kitchen

Every morning you wake up and for a cup of tea you step inside the kitchen. Thus your kitchen work starts and ends up at night. So the place where you have to visit and revisit maximum in a day should be attractive and fashionable. Equip your kitchen with modern gadgets and maintain a good storage for your grocery and utensils. People nowadays do not believe in continuous engagement in a particular task. You can refresh your mind while you cook. Keep the old book case of your study inside your kitchen corner. You can enjoy reading while cooking. Tiled wall give a dazzled look at the kitchen. It is washable. You can clean the smoke and dust easily from the tiled walls and floor. You can plant a little indoor plant inside your old jar on the window silt of your kitchen. As open kitchens in the living room are now in fashion you cannot ignore the kitchen décor.

Make the rooms trendy

Along with your living room at the ground floor you need to decorate the bedrooms upstairs too. Do not buy much sitting arrangements. You can use the old drums colored or a soft cotton sac for sitting at your living room. Set up some wall furniture. It will be spacious for your living room. A sofa with a commercial look can bring difference to your living room. You can keep back your old bed with a little polishing on it. Your grandfather’s clock might add an antique style to your living room. For the other rooms you can concentrate on wall décor to give the room trendy look. The floor tiles could be in a zigzag pattern to make the room looks wider. Then you need to take care about the storage of every room. The clothes and curtains of every room need to be stored properly when not in use. The wall cupboard can give your room identification separate than the other and make sure to have a wide window at every room to make it airy and fresh every time.


Lowes home improvements do not mean to buy a lot of gadgets and furniture for your home. Rather it is a new identification over the old modification.

How I Sold My Ancestral House After Lowe’s Home Improvement?

A couple of year back, I shifted from Toronto to New York for my work along with my family leaving my old ancestral house. We have been looking forward to shifting to a new city but we did not bother at that time that who will maintain the ancestral house. Our apartment in New York is not as big as the house in Toronto but it has got sufficient space for my family. Our house in Toronto was majestic but it had reached a deplorable state over the years. A few months after we had shifted to New York, I got a call from my neighbor in Toronto that the condition of the house is worsening and it needed immediate repairs and proper maintenance.

Problem with our ancestral house

We decided to sell our ancestral house in Toronto instead of investing money on the repairs. We got in touch with the real estate agents of Toronto to sell that house. But to our surprise we were not able to get the right value of the house despite its vast size. The real estate agents informed us that we will not be able to get the expected value for our house because of its deplorable condition. The buyers are not interested to make any repair on the house after buying it. I did not have much money at that time to invest on the repairs. So, I did not take any steps regarding the house for a few months.

Solution for our ancestral house in Toronto

My wife, Jenny, wanted to remodel the kitchen of our apartment in New York and assigned this job to Lowes home improvements, the reputed chain of retail home improvement in U.S. our kitchen was remodeled at affordable prices. When we told them about our majestic house in Toronto, they advised us to repair it through their chain of Lowes home improvements in Toronto at affordable rates to get good value for selling the house. They suggested that the value of the house will increase much more only with little expenditure on home improvement.

Our ancestral house in Toronto got a new dimension

The home improvement work in Toronto started in a fortnight. We did not have to supervise the home improvement work as the well-trained professionals of the Lowes home improvement undertook the project with deft. Our house was renovated and repaired within 25 days. The floors, roofs and patio were renovated. We could not imagine that Lowe’ home improvement has totally transformed our house in Toronto. Our old house got a new dimension. After the home improvements project, the value of our house increased. Our real estate agents informed us that many of their clients are interested to buy that house in right value at par with the present market conditions.

Final words

Our ancestral house was sold a few weeks after the home improvement. My investment on home improvement was meager as compared to the returns I got after selling the house. Now, we assign Lowe’s for every home improvement project of our house in New York.

How Lowes Home Improvement Renovated My House for My Daughter’s Wedding?

I have been living at a quiet neighborhood of Alexandria for the last 25 years. Lately the wedding of my daughter, Victoria is fixed. My daughter will be getting married after a couple of months. She wanted to have a quiet wedding ceremony with the close relatives and friends. Victoria wanted to get married in a traditional way but she wanted her wedding reception to be held in the lawn at front of our house. I was not supportive of this idea initially as our house wall old and it could not accommodate all the guests but after observing her enthusiasm about the matter, I could not deny her request.

My son-in-law suggested me the solution

Victoria wanted her reception to be held at the lawn of our house as she had emotional attachment with the house where she grew up and being her best man for the wedding, I could not reject her proposition. In fact her fiancé, Lucas was excited about the idea. I accepted their proposition but I was not sure whether I could find any reputed home improvement company for the improvement of our house in such a short period of time. I had contacted some of the local home improvements company but none of them agreed to do the work in such a short time. Then, my son-in-law suggested me to contact Lowes home improvements. My budget was constraint as I needed money for the preparation of the wedding but the charges offered by them were affordable and reasonable.

Home improvement work was completed within 2 months

Initially I was not sure whether the company will be able to carry on the home improvement work of or big house within a couple of months but they assured me that they have completed many projects in lesser time than this. The improvement work started with a few weeks. The work was done with dexterity and did not interfere at all with the wedding preparations. The whole house was painted, the floors, patio, roofs were replaced and the bathroom and kitchen was remodeled. We had to make extension to our house to accommodate guests for the wedding. The home improvement work was completed within a couple of months just as Lowes home improvements had committed.


The home improvement had transformed our house. All the guests who arrived for Victoria’s wedding could not stop appreciating the improvement and I could not stop praising my son-in-law who proposed Lowes home improvements to me.